Financing your next used car!  Here at Hankins Car Sales we understand how vital finance is to you and know that affordability matters. Your finances are your choice; however, we will always suggest you make sure you can afford the repayments and think of unexpected changes. Covid-19 has reminded us all about unexpected changes.

We offer a wide portfolio of lenders who cater for most of our customers' needs and most of our cars. We will deal with your application in a prompt and efficient manner; keeping your data secure. Finance applications are subject to status and credit checks, however, if you need a guarantor our lenders are happy to assist.  We can also offer soft search finance applications that do not adversely affect your credit score.

Not all finance packages require a deposit, however, it will help to lower your monthly payments. 

Please note, that we cannot offer finance on all our stock.  We will try our best, however, finance companies will generally not lend money on older cars or cars over 120,000  miles (petrol) or 150,000 miles for diesel cars.

If the car is too old for finance, why not try a bank loan?  

We offer finance for those with great credit score, not so great and also bad/poor credit scores.

What do you need?  Simply bring your driving license, proof of income and a utility bill and you are all set.  

Alternatively we can arrange finance over the phone and you simply upload your details to a safe and secure portal.

We can settle your old finance and allow you to drive a newer or older car away.

With any transaction we aim to get you the best, affordable rates for you.  Please feel free to contact a member of our team by phone or email.

Enquire About Finance